Thursday, February 25, 2010

Muscle Milk Light - Mmmmnn!

Things are on the move. While handling my work calendar I realized that the first week of March was next week. For some reason, it felt two weeks away. That 28 days of February thing, I guess. But, my second of two mandatory post-operative support meetings is on Wednesday. So, Thursday morning (a week from today) I will call my surgeeon's office to make a pre-op appointment and get a date for surgery.

Something they said before, when I transferred hospitals, stuck in my mind. "Because the doctor just arrived here from his last hospital, his schedule will be really open for a few months."

So, translation - if I start my liquid diet now, that will be one less hold up. This may lead to me being on all liquids an extra few days, but what is the harm in that? Maybe the surgery can actually occur within the next two weeks.

So, it's back to the blender for me. I actually started yesterday and so far, it feels better than it did last time. The dull to sharp belly pains are there, no doubt. But mixed with my personal promise to not be too grumpy at home or allow the energy loss hurt me at work, my positive outlook is lifting me past the physical distress. Agghh, that sounds like some self help babble in a cheesy How to Fix Yoursel and Love Yourself book, huh?

I have been reading everyone's blog and wish to offer a thanks to those who nominated me as a Beautiful Blogger. I hope put the finishing touches on that entry tonight.


  1. I don't know why so many people have been instructed to be on a liquid diet for so long before surgery. I was told to cut back my caloric intake for a couple weeks before surgery (watching fats & sugars and keeping my protein level as high as possible, for my body to adapt to the post-op eating lifestyle) but I was only on a liquids-only diet for 48 hours prior to surgery and 10 days after.

    I guess the doctors are all different. I know that practicing the post-op diet prior to surgery was the best thing for me, since staying on it as I moved through mushies and onto solids provided an easier path (I haven't gotten the "bandster hell" problem) to my aftercare. It just seems extreme to me to expect someone who's struggled with weight and eating to do a 2 week liquid diet.

  2. Ugh, I hope it happens SOON! You have been through the mill with this. I love that you are still upbeat about it all - and you should be. Self-fulfilling promises and all that. There I go with the self-help stuff. I hope to hear surgery is scheduled for the following Monday. :)

  3. I'm luvin' that February is a short month because that means I'll be closer to my 3rd nutrition meeting which means I'll be about half way through my pre-op crap which means I'll be closer to the other side. On a side note, do you like Muscle Milk or no? I got a sample last night at my 2nd nutrition meeting (notice how quickly I'm wanting my 3rd meeting eventhough I only just had my 2nd), but I haven't tried it yet. Hope you get scheduled for surgery soon.