Sunday, February 28, 2010

A big apology to LDswims

LDswims has also nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award and I owe her a big apology for not catching that before posting a few days ago. What is most silly about it is that she and I are both on pre-surgery diets and could probably swap many stories. Her last blog describes the pain and anguish of running into a package of Thin-Mints. I've put a few of those away I assure you.

Admittedly, I am struggling to find the time to post new info and read up on everyone's blogs. On top of which, I still do not have all the ins and outs of making certain that I am a follower on everyone's blog who is listed as a follower of mine. No offense intended.


  1. Sounds like 20 lashes with a wet noodle is in order. I'm sure Lori will forgive you. It can a little overwhelming trying to follow everybody.

  2. LOL...20 lashes sounds good. With a soggy thin mint. LOL. Too funny!

    No offense taken...I wasn't trying to call you out for not catching my blog...I just wanted to make sure you knew I thought wonders of you, too.

    Yes, same stage...although...I think you have had a harder time more recently with doing the pre-op diet just to not have surgery...I hope you get banded soon!

    And as Bonnie said, following everyone is a full time job! I wish I could read faster, dangit!