Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another technical question

I have come across a few of my new friends that when I click on their picture, on their profile there is a list of sites they have joined but it does not list their own blog site. Am I to assume that they are followers of my site but do not have a blog of their own or is there something I am missing? Anyone got any info on this?


  1. I've wondered about this as well and my theory is it could be one of two things (and I may be wrong); it's either they don't have a blog site or they haven't made the address visible.

  2. Sometimes it is not added by default to their google friend connect profile and the person must go in there and add it. Don't know why this happens, but I found out after someone pointed out that mine was not listed.

  3. I clicked on my picture in your followers just to see, and my blog does come up, so I must have done something correctly. I certainly don't remember doing anything special - which is why I'm wondering if it's as Bianca says and the choice is deliberate - or is it as TJ says that you have to take a specific action. I must admit I find it annoying when I want to go the blog of the person who has become my follower in order to thank them, and I can't.
    And by the way, thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog today.

  4. Thanks so much Jordan for following my blog (I read your posting about how you came out!). I’m doing well one day post-op. Hope you get there soon as well. It is really going to be worth it.

    For your question about seeing other blogs. The person needs to go into the Blogger dashboard and then Edit User Profile and will see under Privacy something called Show my blogs. If you click on Select blogs to display, another window opens and you can check the blogs you have. It should then show up when someone clicks on the icon. I had to do this manually as my blog didn’t show up automatically. The little followers photo also has to be added separately-that is why you see the shadow heads of some of your followers. No idea why it is so complicated. If someone leaves a comment, you can click on the picture and it opens a different profile page usually with their blog listed. It is also true that not all followers have blogs. You can do a shout out to the follower on a post to add their blog link to their comment.

  5. Well Holy NUTZ..MINE doesn't show up! I'll have to try and fix that but here is a link to my blog:

  6. Let me know if mine doesn't show up (link below). Just found your blog and it's great! Can't wait to read more! -BG

    I'm here now (come take a peek):

  7. Hey there,
    Just found you through Colleen (This time I mean it...) and I agree.. why DON'T more men utilise this blogland thats so freely available.. think of all the female friends they could gather round them!!
    Congrats on your decision on getting a band - you won't regret it. I love the title of your blog (just about says it all!!) and wish you the best of luck with your banding. Look forward to reading more entries.
    Cara :)

  8. Yup -- that's right! I just found your blog through Colleen's blog as well. Nice to see you on here. Cara is right -- we need more blogging bloke bandsters! :)