Thursday, January 28, 2010

Technical question?

I am pretty solid on a computer but I can't figure this one out at all? I am trying to list myself as a follower on many of the blogs that I come across, mostly here on blogspot. (especially now that my list is growing)

But when I click on Follow on someone's blog, it is like my profile is deferred to a Yahoo user profile, not my blogger profile. My picture isn't there - nothing.

Any suggestions?


  1. I had a similar problem. But when you click follow the site, if a sillouhette comes up, or just a name, you click on options and the down arrow, then click o site settings, there will be an option to follow the site with another profile. Hope it works for you.

  2. This is how I follow people, I go to the home page of their blog, right click and copy the name of thier blog then go to my dashboard and paste it into the Add area. I then show up on that person't blog. Good luck..

  3. Hi Jordan, I noticed that you are having problems in getting your photo to show up in blogs that you have begun to Follow, etc.

    I have made a really, really long explanation about how to add the gadget that shows the blogs that you are following on your home page, so that you can see when they have added a new posting, and how to start following other blogs through your site so your photo shows up.

    I have done this in my comments section on today's posting titled, "It Was Bound To Happen Eventually!!".

    Check it out & see if it makes sense & if it works for you.


  4. Hi Jordan! I just found your blog and think its great! Good luck on your band journey!

  5. Hi Jordan... another reason one doesn't broadcast diets or lapbanding too much is because you're so used to failing, and it is such an almighty drag when people "helpfully" ask you how you're getting on and how much more you've lost. Even if you have lost weight, it ought to be sufficient to say "I see you've lost weight" and leave you with the option of following up on it with information of your own. And if you haven't... then it would be tactful if they just shut up... but alas they never do. It's such an exposed and visual aspect of ourselves, isn't it? And I'd rather talk about other things I'm doing...
    Anyway, lots of luck to you, and welcome to the merry band of bandits, always with too much to say! It's a wonderful form of group therapy, and we all agree it helps us.

  6. J,
    Could be if you're siging in through open ID vs. you blogger ID you pulling the dominant OPEN ID setting. So, ideally try siging into google through a blogger ID and set your preferences. Come down to DC soon so we can reskin this awesome testimonial your writing up.