Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No disrespect to my new "band" of friends

Hey, everyone. I want to offer my apologies on not posting comments and responding timely. I'm a little new to the blogging world and didn't realize that the e-mail notifications that I have comments waiting for me would go to my SPAM folder. I'm told there is a way to relax the settings on here a bit where comments are uploaded without my having to view them first, which is the way I thought it was from the beginning. As my kids might say "My bad."

On the protein shake front, I'm actually feeling a bit better. Last night, I drank my shake and didn't have a desire for the Jello I've been relying on to fill me up. Strange, I almost feel as if the diet beat me and my body just said "To hell with it, I'm not even going to be hungry anymore."

The issue has been with exercise, which was heavily stressed by the bariatrics office. Within the last 5 months I gradually craeated a 5-day-a-week, one-hour per visit habit. ButI have gone just one tme since starting all liquids. I was on the elliptical for 20 minutes and had less energy than I did when I started 40 pounds ago. I guess that is what you can expect on 600-800 calories a day.

My fear is being back at the drawing board when my suregon clears me to start exercising again. I'll be able to walk on the treadmill without his clearance, but he told me stay off elllipticals and bikes until he says.

Where I could use some help is in getting my protein post surgey for the first one to two weeks that I am on clear liquids. The dietician suggested New Way or Isopure protein supplements. They are not bad, just overly sweet. The New Whey tastes a little like someone did not stir the Kool Aid with enough water. I understand there are a few no flavor whey protein powders, so my thinking I could mix that with some chicken broth. Has anyone tried this?

Again, a big "oops' on the comment thing.


  1. No offense, some people like to screen their comments before letting them post, that's what I figured you were doing. Looking homeless is NOT GOOD, get on the scale, man! One of the things Ms. Amy will preach is knowing a good starting point, get your measurements, weight all before surgery, so if you hit a plateau (which as a man, you probably WON'T) you will have a gauge to look at and still be able to celebrate inches instead of pounds.

  2. I like that...Ms. Amy!

    I was supposed to be on clear liquids after surgery for 2 weeks as well, but at my one week appt with the doc I stressed how by the end of the day I felt week and like my blood sugar was low (this was true) and he let me move to full liquids like cream soups. Once I got to full liquids, I was still doing my protein shakes but I added shredded cheese to the cream soups and that added a lot of protein.

    When I was just on clear liquids I could have any protein shake I wanted and I found the Atkins protein shakes and the SlimFast protein shakes the most tolerable!

  3. Hang tough FB. You are nearing the finish line.

  4. I have found that I actually really like the Pure Protein Cookies & Cream powdered protein drinks. (I get the big container at Target for about 18 bucks.) These are low in sugar but taste sweet, are 130 calories and 25 grams of protein pure serving. I got some cheap Rubbermaid water sippers with ounce markings on the side from Big Lots for 2 bucks a piece and mix up a couple of servings of the protein drinks in them and keep them at the ready in the fridge.

    Now, from the classes that I've taken, I found that there is "flavorless" protein powder that you can get to add to foods. (http://unjury.com/ - this is the site to order it online) The thing that I was told by a trainer at the gym is that it will "thicken" your food slightly and CAN have a taste if you're not careful when adding it to hot foods. You have to treat it like an egg added to melted chocolate - temper it with a small amount of the liquid first until it's melted and THEN add it to the food.

    I haven't tried it yet, as my doctor's office is big on just drinking the protein drinks while on "full liquid" first ten days, and only having water (a minimum of 64 ounces in ADDITION to the protein) and sugar free Jello or popsicles as a treat on the side.

    But a friend of mine who had a Bypass 3 years ago ended up ordering it to add to her food because she recently started adding up her protein and discovered she just wasn't getting enough and she says that it's great to add to cold cereals, low-cal juices, and things like cottage cheese. Adding a little bit of it with every course she eats over the day has added 20 or more grams of protein to her natural diet. She thinks it's awesome, but she also remembers how when she got her surgery a few years ago there were far fewer options available and so she might just be jumping up and down because of the new choice.