Monday, May 24, 2010

Men vs Woman in the game of weight loss

Amy W. once commented -

ooh, only 6 more days! That is exciting! Pretty soon you will be six months out and smokin' all us girls in weight loss and we will cuss you for being a man and "having it easy"....hahah...just kidding....kinda :)

For the past few months, this statement has weighed on me. (pun intended)

Don't get me wrong, it's not because I believe she is incorrect. She's not. Every weight-loss effort that my wife and I have made has always ended with me making greater progress. I have seen it first-hand.

Though I stray from mainstream religions, I have a very deep belief in God as well as science. He has given our two genders very different internal wiring systems. That is really the only answer and it is a simple one at that. But in my efforts to examine certain truths about my Fat Bastardness, this truth has been simmering on my back burner for some time.

Until last night. One of my favorite shows is Real Sports on HBO. This show's mission is to profile key players and issues in the sporting world and bring to light many stories that you may never come across as a regular sports fan that just watches for statistics and win/loss records. A recent episode caught up with Kyle Maynard, a former high school and college wrestler missing four items that any wrestler calls essential; arms and legs.

Now, I have been familiar with his story. I wrestled in high school and college and coached the sport for many years. Often, as my kids are all athletes, I keep the show on the DVR if I come across something they might be interested in. This one was a keeper.

But on my second viewing, another aspect became even more apparent to me. Kyle was asked about what advantage he had over his able-bodied opponents. His answer - his mind. His situation, from day one in his life, forced him to ignore his situation and move forward with a vengeance to get what he wanted. The interviewer called it "relentless." I agree. Later, Kyle made the statement that if his life could be done over again, this time with him having arms and legs, he wouldn't. Because his situation (I don't use the word "disability" because he refuses to call himself disabled) has given him the mental tools that he otherwise might not have.

How does this apply to the man vs. woman weight loss factor? My weight roller coaster has always been fueled by the two extremes. If I'm "dieting," I am losing tons of weight. If I'm not, I'm consuming more calories in one meal than most would consume in a week. I subscribed to this because simply because I could have. I had no mental tools that made me appreciate that just because weight drips from me faster then my estrogen-stacked friends, that was no way to operate.

Now, step 2 is to engage this new found realization into habit.

Lastly, on many facets of life, I readily admit that men have it much easier than women. I could not even imagine birthing a child and would probably freak with every monthly visit. The only advantage of being a woman band blogger, from my nonsensical, comedic perspective; you guys get to talk about topics that would get me reported to the good folks at Google. I'm quite certain, none of you would like to hear about any of my grooming methods. Also, you guys can exchange clothing. Sure Andrew and I could ship boxes of clothes from one another, but let's face it - men are too unorganized, too irresponsible and too aloof to make something like that happen.

Have a good week all.


  1. That was such a good post and so true. Even if you happen to be able to lose weight faster than us women, we still match in the brain issues we have to deal with. At the end (meaning when we reach a weight we are comfortable with) we still have the same problems with keeping it off. That has always been my downfall. Now with the band we will have that extra help. And no one would want any of my old lady, baggy clothes. They are so worn out they are almost see-through. But I did do some shopping and people are now complimenting me on my weight loss. So make sure you get a few non-baggy purchases as you make your way downward.

  2. Great post and so true for many of us. My entire life has been about me struggling for balance. The feast or famine mentality I've had for so long just isn't working for me anymore, but it sure is hard to give it up. I used to be a very fast loser too and thought I alway would be, sadly not so anymore. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Serious and silly. My favorite kind of post.

  4. I've got 3 pairs of old underpants and a 10 year old string vest (complete with beer stains-atleast I think its beer ) that are a little big you want them ??...Mind you I think you are probably smaller than me.....

    On a serious note...I think you might be onto something....

  5. That was a great post! I think you should take Andrew up on his offer! Everyone loves used underpants and shirts with stains that you think you can identify ;) <3

  6. I really wish there were more men here in Bandland. You and Andrew are great!

  7. I'm sending you those thongs I bought...I'm thinking they'll help with the WL when you get off track and need to 'pick yourself up by your bootstraps' to speak.

    GREAT post! I've given this a lot of thought as I'm writing the book stuff...there's so much we DO have in common through this journey (any differences you want to share with me would be very welcome!).

  8. What a great perspective....thanks for sharing. I would love to hear about your grooming methods...LOL

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