Monday, May 10, 2010

On to smashed foods

I know everybody calls it mushies, the word seems so emasculating - so I'll call it smashed.

I expected to go from clear liquids to full liquids, but the doc said that my progress has been good, I am not soar or in pain. How great is it to not have to eat a fruit-flavored something.

Because of the proximity, I was able to hook up with a friend after my follow up appointment today. Mashed potatoes and broccoli cheese soup, food with texture - nice!

Considering the pain factor, I'm at little to none. I feel the port from time to time, such as sitting forward, but it is not painful. Neither is coughing or laughing which was a bit painful in the first few days.

What is the key to the recovery? Check out the next post, I'm conducting a bit of a survey.

Thank you for the comments everybody.


  1. "Smashed" is way more fun than "mushy"! Are you losing yet or still working the fluids out?

    Don't forget to make the faux lasagna - low fat ricotta cheese, marinara, mozzarella and/or parm, all nuked together -- best smashed food around!

  2. Getting back to your regular schedule ASAP. I took one week off of work and was losing my mind. I couldn't imagine being at home the upwards of 3 weeks that they were suggesting at my surgical center. I got out, was driving, walking, doing everything I'd done pre-surgery as soon as I could (walking only hours after having the surgery, etc etc) and didn't just sit around on my ass. I think that helps a lot.

  3. Glad you are recovering nicely and I like smashed so much better than mushies!

  4. SMASHED is much more manly than mushies. Good choice.