Monday, May 17, 2010

All Liquid Survey Wrap Up and Bandster Hell

Well, the verdict seems to be in.

After reading everyone's post, I have to agree with Gen that there does not seem to be much correlation between the all-liquid diet and speed of recovery.

That said, my doctor would argue that the all-liquid diet is not necessarily geared to that anyway. It's for making a smoother transition to the post-op days of being limited to clear liquids and then now on smashed foods or mushies.

For myself it seems as though that transition was pretty smooth, until a day or two after starting the smashed food phase.

So, this is Bandster Hell. Fabulous.

About two days after starting smashed foods I noticed my appetite beginning to increase and it being harder to push my bowl of mashed potatoes away. I am fine in between meals, but when I do finally eat, I feel like I could eat a house. This weekend I went to Eat and Park with my wife and daughter in between two soccer games. For the rest of the world, Eat and Park is a Denny's or Perkin's-like restaurant with a monster salad bar and sometimes buffet. We caught them on a Sunday morning brunch buffet with lunch and and breakfast items. In no time at all, I had housed about one scrampbled egg, about 3 ozs of mashed potatoes and half a cup of chili. I was satisfied, but I could have tripled it all if I wanted too.

So, until my first fill, it looks like I'll have to depend on the same will power that has nourished my pre-op diet for the past year.

Weight-wise, remember, I began this journey at 361 lbs. Went in for surgery at 309, weighed 281 at my first follow up 5 days after the surgery. The days following my first smashed meal, I actually gained a few pounds and was up to 284. A little disappointed, I knew it was better to simply follow the course laid out by the doc. I did however change my reliance on mashed potatoes. They were the quick meal and I figured adding some extra dry milk would make it protein rich. But, there are still carbs and not necessarily the good ones. So, I am leaving the mashed potatoes for only one meal a day if at all and instead taking bean soups, black bean or lentil, pureeing the solids and eating that. Also, I made a concoction of ricotta cheese, mixed with almond extract, Splenda and some powdered protein mix. This morning I was back to 281. My second follow up is Thursday.

Lastly, I am up to 71 followers. Who would have ever thought I could make so many friends? Great to meet everyone, if I don't follow yet, going through my list of followers to make sure I'm following you is on my To Do list. Give me a few days, I'll catch up.


  1. My goodness, you're doing great! I loved having cottage chees, ricotta, spinach and marinara sauce baked in the oven when I was on mushies, very tasty and protien rich. Good luck!

  2. My new favorite food, which is great for the smashed food stage, is the innards of a california roll.

    Really, just throw some crab and a little mayo in the food processor. Add avocado and/or cucumber. Yum. I have to use soy sauce too or it's not worth it. And the cucumber can probably wait until post-smashed food stage. Totally cures my sushi cravings.

  3. You've lost so much weight already. You must be proud. Hoping your fill comes quick and willpower holds on until then.

  4. You're doing so awesome!

    Bandster Hell is pure torture. Once you realize how much you could actually eat it makes it almost impossible to push the food away. It took all the willpower I had to keep losing weight during that time period. I also drank an enormous amount of flavored water and ate more sugar-free jello than I ever thought possible.

    Given the length of time you stuck to liquids, you'll get through this part just fine. I know its hard to believe at this very moment in time, but the day will come when that next bite is completely impossible to take.

  5. Hang in there! Bandster Hell is a nightmare. . I gained 5 pounds during it, but all that and much more came off in time. You just have to ride this out until you get a decent fill!

    BTW, refried beans with cheese are a great mushy food if you like that sort of thing.

  6. Hey well done on the weight might plataeu a little now you are on solids...but this time is about repair not weight loss although we all want it!! I never experienced Bandster hell...sorry ;)

  7. I'm going through it now I think - nothing I do works unless I actually don't eat. At the beginning I ate a lot of mashed potato too, and it's still the food of preference after a fill, because it's easy to judge when to stop.

    Don't worry, you'll soon see the difference after your first fill.


  8. I agree with everyone that says you have done well. I swear you guys(LB bloggers) are my heroes.

    I am pre-Lap Band (just got approved by insurance company) and you all give such great advice just by talking it out in the blogs.

    Thank you so much for blogging.

  9. Hang in are doing really well. Soft poached egg with cottage cheese used to be a favourite of mine!!

  10. Hey there, another new follower for you - me! Came to you via Andrew.

    Love your name, BIG fan of all things Austin Powers.

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