Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 2, what in God's name is that "full" feeling?

So, it's Friday morning. The past day and a half has been very strange. I haven't had solid foods for more than two weeks and have not even had a protein shake since Tuesday, but seriously, the very site of food is repulsing me. I'm supposed to eat 2 oz of jello or popsicle, regular calorie stuff, four times a day. In addition to drinking my water. If I even look at a glass of water I start to feel a 1000 pound watermelon in my abdomen.

But, other than that, I feel really good. The gas is still there and I think that may even be what is causing the full feeling. But there is less and less gas as I walk and walk. Gas X strips help too.

Also, I haven't touched pain meds and I hope to drive tomorrow. I really only could have used them at night while I was trying to sleep. Mainly because I can only spend about ten minutes on my back, so I typically sleep on my sides. When I was in the hospital I woke up about every hour from the pain of trying to shift. Last night, I fell asleep on one side, woke up at about 2:30am to roll over to the other side and then woke up again at 5am to roll over again. Tonight, I'll wish for the best.

Regarding Rosie, I expect her home in about two hours. As for her name, I shared all of your suggestions with the family. But in the end, we are going with a joke that I made when we first met the dog. I kidded that the name should be Tres, you know, Spanish for 3. But we're going to add a Y to make it Tresy. This way our Boston Terrier, Rex, won't get confused.

I would have preferred the name to have been better associated with my surgery. But, if you think about it, the name is much like this blog. Calling a three-legged dog Tres is at best not politically-correct. But that's my brand of humor. In my opinion, you can't really resolve a problem until you have examined it mentally and emotionally. Wouldn't laughing about it be an indicator that one is dealing well with the emotional side? Hence the name, Fat Bastard.

I'll check in again soon.


  1. Congrats on getting through surgery, getting home, and making it through the first couple of days.

    Bandster hell (after the swelling goes down and before you get good restriction) is going to be a breeze for you after all the days you spent on liquids!!

  2. okay, I don't know how I missed out on your surgery and the dog. First....Congratulations, you have waited so long for this, I'm thrilled for you. Secondly, what a lucky dog! Happy healing with your 3 pawed friend.

  3. So glad you are feeling good. Enjoy the full feeling. Like the name Tres. We had a cat ages ago name Tree. It's owners were French so they named the cats One, Two, Three but since most French people can't pronouce the "th" the name became Tree. She had all her legs though. Have fun with her. A good friend had a three legged dog for years. It is amazing how they don't seem to miss it.

  4. Enjoy the full feeling....its crazy right? I hung on to mine for almost 2 weeks and than bandster hell set in.

    love the dogs name and so happy that she has found your family. I think she will be a great addition!

  5. OMG the name Tres is hilarious.

    So I am a little late - but Congratulations! The grass is WAY greener on this side!

    That full feeling is the best. Its what we keep chasing after with our fills. Remember this feeling!

    Feel better.

  6. Glad to hear everything went well and you are doing okay. Love the name you chose for your dog. Screw pc.

  7. Aww I like the name Tres! Hopefully Tres will keep you good company while your resting.

    I absolutely cannot wait for that full feeling. Hope it stays around for awhile. Glad your feeling better and better.

    P.S. I'm being banded Monday!! Gas X strips are now on my shopping list!

  8. lol Actually its a perfect name for your dog. Tresy sounds gorgeous and shes lucky to become part of your family.
    I remember when I was first banded I was also turned off by the sight of food. It just seemed too much effort. Thankfully, I got my appetite back and you will too. Doing great, Andrew. Doing great. x

  9. Glad you're on the mend. It gets better everyday.

    I found sleeping to be a real challenge those first few days after surgery as I used to sleep on my stomach and had to switch to sleeping on my back. I found having a few pillows around me helped because it would prevent me from trying to turn over.

    Tresy is a great name.

  10. tresy sounds as cool as fat bastard. you're both winners!