Monday, April 26, 2010

Just shy of half way

Thank you everybody for the great comments.

I am one week in, as today is Day 7. After counting the days on a calendar, I suppose I could have waited a day to get started because there will actually be 15 days of all-liquids before May 5. But one day is nothing. I was just eager to move forward.

This weekend I traveled with my daughter to a soccer tournament in Ohio. My wife was flexible enough to help me determine, which will be more painful, staying at home where I will be less busy and more tempted by food or to go out of town. Had the weather had been any good I may have stayed home, so I can depend on grass cutting to keep me busy. But when I saw the weather forecast - I began to pack my bag.

Friday night through Sunday morning I was fine. I didn't even balk at explaining my surgery to the parents of other players who would often eat together for meals at the hotel. At first, I was concerned that my daughter (16 years old) may get embarassed. I have learned that anything that can be seen as a topic of conversation can cause undue embarassment to a female teen, but for the most part, she is not like that.

But then, there was 10:30 am Sunday morning. After the last game of the weekend. We were at Bob Evans, the two of us and two other parent-daughter combos. The worst part of a brunch is you don't know what to eat, breakfast or lunch foods. The best part, at least if you're not approaching a surgery date, is that if you just played a weekend of soccer, you can order both. AND . . . they did.

Chicken tenders and sunny-side-up eggs. Cheese sticks and bacon. These are a few of my favorite things.

But what made my abdomen do a flip, cinnamon cream pancakes. Has anyone been there recently? I had not, but I saw the picture on the menu and said wow. Then someone had to order them. Right? They just had to do it.

So, somewhere along vacation this summer. I'm stopping at Bob Evans. It may even be for just one bite and then throw the plate away. I'll chew 50 times and not drink anything 2 hours before or after I eat, but doggoneit, I'm gonna have a bite of those.

But for now - Muscle Milk Light, one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of banana. Mmmnn!


  1. Good for you for keeping to the lovely shakes. And you will get a taste of those pancakes after the surgery. At a brunch, I always go breakfast foods.

    So close now. Hoping the next week and a bit goes well. Just one more weekend to get through-lots of grass cutting in your future.

  2. During my first of liquids, it was right after xmas, the house was FULL of awesome xmas kind of treats...and then hubs bought those Pilsbury cookies and baked them for the kids. The house was full of fresh baked cookie smell for like 24 hours. I hated him with every cell in my body. But I made it through. You're almost there...stay strong!

  3. Wow I can't believe you made it through that! I would have caved I think. Bob Evans and pre-op diet do not belong in the same sentence!

  4. I'm finding that even with the food temptations, it's better to be out. Why? Because it forces you to really be concerned about what you might potentially eat while you're out, whereas at home you're more inclined to not even think about it before eating the food you shouldn't just because you're bored and it happens to be there and home is the safety zone.

    Great job staying on track!

  5. Proud of you for resisting temptation! How'd your daughter do in the tournament?

  6. You rock, and you are so close!

  7. FB

    You know.....once in and a few fills to the good...I think you can eat a little of ANYTHING you want..not much- just a little..and when you get to that point..its both a great feeling and a little upsetting at the same time..NOT LONG NOW :-)

  8. Kudos on the willpower. May 5th is my 5th nutritional appointment and my husband's birthday, but I'll remember to send good vibes for an easy surgery.

  9. Keep your eyes on the pancake prize!

  10. Thanks everybody.

    Manda, she did well. her team hast struggled the last couble of years but has since come together.

    Kiska, pancake prize - I like that!

  11. You did great and yes, you can have the pancakes later.