Monday, March 22, 2010

"Food . . it's a tough give up."

- Rodney Dangerfield, Easy Money, 1983

With my cut off day approaching too soon, and my insurance company not yet offering the proverbial "thumbs up," I have returned to solid foods. Wed, March 24 was the last possible date for surgery, if it was going to occur prior to a major event I am planning for work on April 10. If the surgery occurred after this Wednesday, I risk not being 100% on the day of the event and the days leading up to it. I was a little bummed at first, but I must remember to think with grand vision and not be so fixated on the right now. It is more important that I have the surgery all together, not that it occur prior to this event or that. I had some big plans this spring and summer, such as tearing up local bike paths with my son and running a 5K or two. Not that they still can't happen, but it would have been more fun had the surgery occurred yesterday, so to have enjoyed those things after the first few weeks of sudden weight loss. It would have been nice if it would have gone that way, but BIG PICTURE my impatient, needy, childish alter-ego, BIG PICTURE.

Will the irony be, now that I have been on solids since Saturday (I figured if I was going into surgery on Wednesday, I would have known by Saturday) that they will call today and say "We are pleased to tell you that your insurance paperwork has been approved and we understand that you have been on all liquids since the last week of February, is Wednesday good for you?" I believe DASH is in Australia, right? She'll be able to hear the profanity down there.

Keeping the faith.


  1. What a total pain not to know where you are, what you're doing - or is it a big conspiracy to keep you on liquids till kingdom come so you lose weight one way or the other? (You'd better go back to soup...)!!

  2. You're right .. I am in Australia. And if this all goes pear shaped, well, I can't say I blame you for swearing your head off! All this really sucks. Let us know what happens in the end. Nobody can blame you for feeling anxious to get things underway. If only the insurance company would finally get a clue!

  3. Insurance companies have a good way of leaving people hanging. I am so sorry that it is taking so long. Good luck and let us know the latest. I am thinking of you and hoping for some good news! If it doesn't happen now - you have to believe it will happen soon enough. <3

  4. Hang in there, you are right about the big picture.

  5. What a drag...Keep at it, though. Your persistence will pay off!